Nerja Caves

Horarios Bus de Nerja To Nerja Caves

Origin / DestinationSALIDALLEGADA
Nerja to Caves10:0010:15
Nerja to Caves10:4010:45
Nerja to Caves12:1012:15
Nerja to Caves14:1514:30
Nerja to Caves15:2515:30
Nerja to Caves16:5517:00

Horarios Bus Nerja Caves to Nerja

Origin / DestinationSALIDALLEGADA
Caves to Nerja11:4511:55
Caves to Nerja12:3012:40
Caves to Nerja13:1513:25
Caves to Nerja15:3015:40
Caves to Nerja16:3016:40
Caves to Nerja17:3017:40
Caves to Nerja18:3018:40
Transport from Nerja to the Nerja CavePRICESBOOK ONLINE
Bus Nerja to Nerja Caves1.44€Book Bus
Bus Nerja Caves to Nerja1.44€Book Bus
Cave Train – Nerja Touristic train4€ ~ 5€
Taxi Nerja Caves (2/4 people)9€ ~ 12€
If you go by car: Parking costs €2